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Xiamen Insvac Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd


Xiamen Insvac Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd was founded in Apr. 2010, which is a professional company in insulation, casting and molding area, devote to equipment research and development, manufacture, installation and service. We can supply the world leading technology equipment, automation solution and also the devices of related process. 

Our company has a number of professional technicians who have good skills and rich experience, we can design the solution according to the customer’s requirement, supply the quick service to help the customer to make more value.

In the process of independent innovation, Insvac is always taking the customer’s benefit as the starting point, and working closely with the customers, ongoing product innovation, improving product value. Every product provided by Insvac is based on the customer’s requirement, using the high-quality components and advanced technology to research, design and manufacture.

Our products are mainly used in the area of electric power, automotive electronics, electronic appliance, new energy and so on. Our products have a good market in China, India, Korea, America, Mexico and other country, where have good evaluation. We have supplied a number of professional automation solutions, which help the customer to improve greatly the production efficiency and product quality.

d-Precision Hydraulic Control v-Vacuum Insulation c-Injection and Molding
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