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vCPT Series CT/PT - Vacuum Casting Equipment
vCPT Series CT/PT - Vacuum Casting Equipment

vCPT Series CT/PT - Vacuum Casting Equipment is used for the vacuum casting of CT & PT, it can be customized according to the capacity, material formulation and progress, extreme satisfy the customer’s personalized requirement, achieve automation and intelligent production.

vCPT Series  CT/PT - Vacuum Casting Equipment, automatic loading and formulation, adopts servo driven which is controlled by servo axis control system. Metal static mixing, the material can be directly injected into the mould of the casting tank according to the ratio. The casting tank adopts double servo rotary casting arm, to realize the automatic quick positioning casting, reduce the size of the casting tank, save resources and improve the production efficiency.

Process Flow                

● Material loading

● A/B formulation

● Degassing & Impregnation

● Vacuum Storage

● Metering & Transportation

● Static mixing

● Vacuum casting


Process Control                

● Electric control

● Weighing system

● Metering system

● Vacuum system

● Heating & Cooling system

● Cleaning system



● Dust-proof

● Supply material and product continually

● Degas efficiently and energy saving

● Precise formulation

● Fresh casting compound

● Casting automatically and vacuum impregnation

● Formulate process parameters

● Intelligent control



● Formulation monitor online

● Robot casting

● CCD visual identity system

● Connect to MES system


vCPT Series Vacuum Casting Equipment is used for the production of medium/high voltage insulators, such as CT & PT, dry-type transformer and so on.

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