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The sensor is a detection device, it can feel the measured information, then transfer it into electrical signals or other required form of information output, which according to a certain law, meet the requirement of information transmission, processing, storage, display, record, control, and so on. Including: micromation, digitization, intelligentialize, multi-functional, systematization, networking. It is the most important link for realizing automatic detection and automatic control. The existence and development of the sensor, makes the object a sense of touch, taste, smell and so on, let the body slowly becomes alive. Usually according to their basic perceptual function is divided into thermal sensor, light sensor, gas sensor, piezosensor, magneto sensor, dew sensor, acoustic sensor, radiation sensitive element, color sensor and flavor sensor.

● Different structure

●Small dispensing volume, high gum spit accuracy

● High productivity, good dispensing consistency

● The process is more complex, high requirement of withstand pressure and temperature.

● The product has wide scope of application, good compatibility with sizing material.

● Control accurately the ratio of glue volume less than or equal to ±2%, spiting gum control accuracy less than or equal to 0.5g.

● Through human-computer interface to realize the adjustment of the ratio, gum spit volume and speed, easy to operate.

● The mixing method is diversified, satisfied the different requirements of mixing and the mixing effect is good

● The expansion function is abundant, satisfies the personalization and the diversification of the process requirement.

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