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vDFS Series Simple Mixing Equipment
vDFS Series Simple Mixing Equipment

vDFS Series Simple Mixing Equipment is suitable for the APG materials formulation, which need to keep degassing, dewatering, mixing and storage under vacuum. It is used for the material formulation in the process of vacuum casting, vacuum pressure impregnation, automatic pressure gel and so on. It is also the solution of big formulation system, for auxiliary material formulation or capacity expansion.

Put the resin, hardener, colorant, filler into the mobile pot to mix and vacuumize.


● Movable and flexible

● Easy cleaning and maintenance

● Small batch materials formulation

● Mobile pot make casting more convenient

● Mixing speed is adjustable, mixing thoroughly

● Self heating system, uniform heat conduction

● Heat preservation

● Over temperature protection


vDFS Series Simple Mixing Equipment is used in the vacuum formulation and mixing of  the medium/high voltage insulators, such as insulation, embedded pole, contact box, bull washing and so on.

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