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Graphene preparation

Graphene is a kind of new energy material, with few structural defects, high conductive efficiency and unique properties, so it is widely used in the area of batteries, capacitors, composite materials, conductive agent and so on. After mixing the graphite powder and other auxiliary materials, peel off the mixture then form graphene paste.

● Graphite powder, NMP and other materials are added into the vacuum mixing tank to degassing and mixing under vacuum.
● Peeling off the material after mixing, then form the graphene paste.

●The material dewatering and degassing under vacuum, improve the properties of the material.
● The new peeling technology can emulsify the mixture quickly and effectively.
● Full-automatic continuous production mode to improve the production capacity.
● The whole process of production is monitored, all technical parameters can be set and record, real-time monitoring the equipment status.

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